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To start using our Bitcoin QR Code Generator you simply follow these few steps we have listed you below:


  • Enter any Bitcoin Wallet Address and press create QR Code
  • Our server will generate a unique BTC QR Code for you.
  • Scan the code with any device or download it from the page
  • You have to set sending amount by yourself, we do not offer this kind of feature yet.

The Revolution of QR Codes

QR codes have also made their way into the realm of Bitcoins. With the use of smartphones, you can send and receive money, and as you know huge amounts of Bitcoin transactions are carried out every day in this manner nowadays. And this is so simple thanks to QR codes which are directly readable by one’s smartphone. As the Bitcoin is an intangible digital currency, there is no better way to deal with it!

QR codes are thus used in bitcoin mobile payment platforms, bitcoin tipping and a whole array of bitcoin transactions. If you are dealing in this field, you will need to have a Bitcoin QR Code generator in order to generate the codes themselves. Once the Bitcoin address is inputted, the QR code will be generated, so as to be scanned and allow you to receive payments. It is really easy to generate a Bitcoin QR code and there are various BTC QR code generators that you can use.

These are easily found online, and you will be able to get your BTC QR code in no time! From then onwards you can then start to take payments and make the most of cryptocurrency wallets and other features that are an integral part of the world of Bitcoins. Most people find it really quick and simple to use a QR code, and so opting to generate a Bitcoin QR code is the best way to go in this day and age. The image can then be saved and used on your site or anywhere else you deem fit, as well as sent to anyone who will be dealing with you.


Fast payments with QR Codes

By using Bitcoin QR Code Generator payments will be faster.

Easy to use

Our Bitcoin QR Code Generator is very easy to use. Paste in your address and go!


You can set the amount you want to send by yourself.


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Enter address

Generate a custom Bitcoin QR Code for any address with few steps.

Why generate Bitcoin QR Codes?

We all had this problem, we have this mobile wallet where we want to spend money out of, but simply do not want to write down the whole address of our recipient.

This is where steps in, we offer highly custom generated Bitcoin QR Codes for any blockchain address. You might also check out our Ethereum QR Code Generator if you are interested. All addresses are only stored for 5 minutes once you generate your bitcoin qr code to ensure user privacy. If you need more information about this, please contact us.

To generate a private BTC QR Code you simply have to put your recipient’s wallet address in the text field above and hit “Create QR Code”. Afterwards you can download the Bitcoin QR Code that you generated as image or you can scan it straight away with a phone or tablet.

How to use Bitcoin QR Code Generator:

  1. Get a working address before generating any Bitcoin QR Codes. You can check any address on the blockchain.
  2. Enter any valid bitcoin address into the text field in the “Bitcoin”-Tab.
  3. Press create qr code. You will get redirected to your custom bitcoin qr code that you just generated.
  4. You can either scan or download the generated QR code.
  5. Once scanned you can input any amount of bitcoins you like an hit send to broadcast the transaction.

Need help with Bitcoin QR Code Generator?

If you still need help with our BTC QR Code Generator then please use the contact form below, or you can view the contact page instead.